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Outdoor solar safety light / spotlight

Outdoor solar safety light / spotlight


product description
Super bright 74 LEDs-with 360° rotatable design, solar panels and spotlights can be rotated to any angle you want. Equipped with 74 LED beads, this wireless security light illuminates with a 270° wide illumination angle on three sides

Motion Sensor Light-The detection angle is 120°, and the PIR sensor can detect human movement within the range of 16-26 feet. At night, when motion is detected, the safety light will automatically turn on and turn off after 30 seconds

Night work-solar panels convert sunlight into electricity and light up for 30 seconds when motion is detected at night. Exposure to the sun for 6-8 hours can provide enough electricity to illuminate 100 times, which is enough to last all night

Energy-saving-solar lights can provide good lighting for wide areas such as gardens, driveways, front doors, garages, courtyards, etc.

Buy with confidence-our solar lights are waterproof and heat-resistant, can be easily installed on the wall with screws, and work well even in extreme weather conditions

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