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Waterproof solar floor lamp

Waterproof solar floor lamp


product description
[Solar energy] It consists of 8 SMD5050 LEDs and a built-in 600Mah rechargeable battery. It can store solar energy for 8-10 hours during the day and illuminate for 8-10 hours at night.

[Automatic opening/closing design] Built-in automatic photosensitive sensor, automatically shut down during the day or bright areas, and automatically open at night or dark areas.

[IP grade] IP65 waterproof grade adopts sealed structure design, no screw fixed sealing structure. Our solar ground lights are suitable for most weather.

[Weight capacity] high-quality ABS material, stainless steel shell, good toughness, impact resistance, can withstand 100KG.

[Easy to install] Our solar floor lights can be installed in just 20-30 seconds. Turn on the switch at the bottom and push the pile into the soil. It does not require annoying wires or adapters.

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