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Domestic headlines
1. Photovoltaic 1.93GW! State Grid announces the list of the seventeenth batch of renewable energy power generation subsidy projects in 2021
On September 18, the State Grid New Energy Cloud Platform announced the list of the seventeenth batch of renewable energy power generation subsidy projects in 2021. The announcement showed that a total of 226 projects were included in this batch, with an approved/recorded capacity of 4374.2MW. Among them: the number of centralized wind power projects is 30, with an approved/recorded capacity of 2180.7MW; the number of centralized and distributed solar power projects are 60 and 123, respectively, and the approved/recorded capacity is 1887.79MW and 43.71MW; centralized biomass The number of power generation projects is 13 respectively, and the approved/recorded capacity is 262MW.
2. 2GW! Competitive selection of Kubuqi photovoltaic desertification control project in Mengxi base starts
On September 17, the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Hangjin Banner issued the "Announcement on the Competitive Selection of the Kubuqi 2MW Photovoltaic Sand Control Project in the West Mengxi Base". The development and operation period is twenty-five (25) years (excluding the construction period). The base plans to build 3-4 220kV booster substations. Each 220kV booster station is sent to the Guosanliang 500kV substation through a 220kV line.
3. M6 5.28 yuan/piece, G1 5.18 yuan/piece, G12 8.33 yuan/piece, Zhonghuan announces the latest silicon wafer quotation!
On September 18, some battery companies reported that they had received the notice of Zhonghuan’s silicon wafer price increase. Compared with the quotation announced by Longi on September 14, Zhonghuan’s price increase was relatively small. Among them, Zhonghuan G1 silicon wafers offer 5.18 yuan/piece (Longji is 5.24 yuan/piece), M6 silicon wafers rise to 5.28 yuan/piece (Longji is 5.34 yuan/piece), and G12 type silicon wafers rise to 8.33 yuan/piece. It is understood that the two leading companies have increased their prices, which may have been caused by the rise in upstream silicon material prices and the rising cost of silicon wafers.
4. The number of new energy projects connecting Xinjiang Power Grid to Corps breaks one hundred, and the installed capacity is 4.98GW
On September 17, it was learned from the State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. that currently 100 new energy projects in the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (hereinafter referred to as the Corps) have been connected to the Xinjiang Power Grid, with an installed capacity of 4.976 million kilowatts, accounting for the total new energy 87.5% of the installed capacity has further promoted the integration of the military and the ground and the transformation of the Corps’ energy clean and low-carbon. In terms of the types of new energy installed capacity, there are 23 wind farms connected to Xinjiang Power Grid within the XPCC's jurisdiction, with an installed capacity of 2.587 million kilowatts; 77 photovoltaic power stations, with an installed capacity of 2.389 million kilowatts.
5. Daqing City Government of Heilongjiang signed a contract with Xinyi Solar to build a 5 million kilowatt photovoltaic power station
On September 17, the Daqing Municipal Government and Xinyi Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the content of the strategic cooperation agreement, Xinyi Solar will utilize the abundant solar and wind resources of Daqing City to fully develop unused land resources such as saline-alkali land and non-basic grassland. In accordance with the new energy development plan and industry management requirements of Daqing City, Xinyi Solar will plan to build a million New energy industrial bases such as kilowatt-level photovoltaics and related industrial supporting projects. Among them, the new energy industry base plans to build a 5 million kilowatt photovoltaic power station, with a total investment of about 16 billion yuan.
6. Jinyang New Energy: The first batch of 182mm large-size single-cast silicon wafers has been shipped to Taiyi Photovoltaic
On September 17, Jinyang New Energy announced that Jinyang Xuzhou’s first 182mm large-size single-cast silicon wafers have been shipped to Taiyi Photovoltaic. This is an additional shipment after the one million 158.75mm single-cast silicon wafers announced on September 7, 2021. The delivery of the aforementioned single-cast silicon wafers represents that the Group has successfully mass-produced 182 mm single-cast silicon wafers and once again proved that the Group can successfully produce large-size single-cast silicon wafers.
7. Win the bid for Runyang 4GW high-efficiency battery project! Shijing Technology receives 200 million yuan order for PERC battery production line
On September 17, Shijing Technology issued an announcement stating that recently, the company received the "Run Yangguang Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 4GW High-efficiency PERC Solar Cell Production Project Winning Notice" issued by Runyang Photovoltaic Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Confirm that the company is the winning bidder. The total bid price of the project is 200 million yuan (including 7% Thai value-added tax), accounting for 29.93% of the company's audited operating income in 2020. The smooth implementation of the project will have a positive impact on the company's future performance and help further enhance the company's competitive advantage in this field.
Overseas headlines
8. The largest photovoltaic garage in France will start commercial operation in October 2022
Engie Green, a subsidiary of the French energy giant Engie Green, has begun construction of a 29MW solar garage at the Dutch car manufacturer Stellattis' plant in Sochaux, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (Bourgogne-Franche-Comté) region in eastern France . The garage covers an area of 22 hectares and is installing 64,000 solar modules. It is scheduled to start commercial operation in October 2022 and is expected to meet 30% of the factory's electricity needs. According to its developer, the solar garage is the largest project of its kind in France so far, and will be able to accommodate about 10,000 cars.
9. Myanmar extends the deadline for 1GW photovoltaic bidding
The Myanmar Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) announced that the bid submission date for the 1GW photovoltaic bid launched in May has been extended to October. The previous deadline was August 21. The Ministry of Education did not explain why the deadline was postponed. Myanmar has been under military rule since the army took power in a coup in February. Through procurement, the government hopes to build ground-based solar power projects on the basis of independent power producers (IPP) and build its own operations (BOO).
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