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Wu Yin: Opportunities and Challenges Coexist in Achieving Carbon Neutrality

On September 15th, under the guidance of Jiangsu Province Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Industry Strong Chain Special Class, Jiangsu Province Development and Reform Commission, Jiangsu Province Energy Bureau and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, sponsored by Jiangsu Province Photovoltaic Industry Association, undertook by International Energy Network, Longji Solar Exclusively named, the "2021 Jiangsu Photovoltaic Industry Development Forum" supported by State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company, State Power Investment Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd., Wuxi New Energy Chamber of Commerce, and Comprehensive Energy Special Committee was grandly held in Nanjing on September 15 !

At the opening ceremony, Wu Yin, former deputy director of the National Energy Administration, analyzed the opportunities and challenges China faces in the process of achieving the "dual carbon" goal in his speech. He emphasized: "'New Challenges, Major Opportunities', the short eight words summed up the mission of the energy transition, and also emphasized the many opportunities for energy development!

Five major problems to be solved to meet the "dual carbon" challenge
Wu Yin believes that in order to meet the challenge of "dual carbon", we must first answer five questions: First, what is the focus of implementing the "dual carbon" goal? Second, where is the focus of the energy transition? Third, where is the focus of vigorously developing renewable energy? Fourth, where is the focus of vigorously developing photovoltaics? Fifth, where is the focus of vigorously developing energy storage?
Wu Yin has the answers in his mind to the above five questions. He said frankly: The focus of the implementation of the "dual carbon" goal lies in the energy transition, because the carbon dioxide emitted by energy activities accounts for more than 80% of the total. The focus of the energy transition is photovoltaics. There are four reasons for the focus on photovoltaics: First, there are enough resources. If 20% of my country’s roof area and 2% of the desert Gobi area are used for photovoltaic development, it can generate 2.2 billion kilowatts of installed capacity. Capacity; second, photovoltaics can develop everywhere, as long as there is the sun; third, cost advantages, photovoltaics basically have the competitiveness of parity grid, and the cost has the potential to further reduce; fourth, high added value, photovoltaic +, such as Now photovoltaic + planting, + breeding, + construction, + transportation, etc., this vitality is very strong. "
"The focus of the development of photovoltaics is on energy storage, to solve the problem of instability of photovoltaic power generation. Industry leaders like Longji and GCL are all entering the new energy industry, and the focus is to solve the problem of energy storage. The problem of supplying power to the grid with unstable power generation."
"The focus of vigorously developing energy storage is to build a new power system with new energy as the main body. This is very important, and it must promote the coordinated development of source, network, load, and storage."
Challenges and opportunities of photovoltaic development
Talking about the issues that should be paid attention to in photovoltaic development and how to seize development opportunities, Wu Yin believes: "I think a challenge is that photovoltaic development and coal-fired power are complementary to each other. Photovoltaic is on the top, and coal-fired power is on the bottom. At this stage, photovoltaics still need to rely on coal power to support. This is a contradiction, and this contradiction has to be resolved; the second is that it is difficult for centralized photovoltaic power to enter the market on a large scale; the third challenge is that distributed photovoltaic market transactions (partition walls) Sales of electricity) are difficult to implement; the fourth is the high non-technical cost of photovoltaics, which still has an impact on photovoltaic power generation."
"Where are the major opportunities for photovoltaic development? There are four points in my analysis: first, the cost of photovoltaic power generation is falling rapidly and will continue to decline, and the efficiency of photovoltaics is still improving; second, the country has intensively introduced policies to support photovoltaic development, including energy storage, electricity prices, etc. Wait, how to solve the strategy; third, the participation of major enterprises and large enterprises, then the development pattern of our industry will change; fourth, the national carbon emission rights are officially launched for online trading."
Wu Yin also put forward some suggestions for the promotion of the entire county: "First, local governments must do a good job in overall planning; second, they must improve the construction and maintenance standards; third, they must build an intelligent platform; fourth, they must do a good job of coordinated supervision."
Wu Yin finally emphasized: "The development of the photovoltaic industry is facing new challenges and major opportunities. We in the photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic people, must carry forward the fine traditions, strive for greater glory, give full play to our ingenuity, and work harder to accelerate energy transformation and support the economy and society. Healthy development, achieving the 30·60 "dual carbon" goal ahead of schedule, making new and greater contributions!"

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