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  • The era of photovoltaic oligarchy!

      October 25, 2021 | Categories: Industry new

       The supply chain fluctuates violently, various companies continue to expand, and the industry concentration continues to increase. Under the superposition of various variables, the trend of China's photovoltaic oligopoly has become more and more obvious. The so-called oligopoly market is a small number of manufacturers supplying most of the products in th...
  • Interpretation|Green electricity trading mechanism will effectively promote the rapid development of new energy

      September 15, 2021 | Categories: Industry new

       Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network News: Under the guidance of the carbon peak and carbon neutral goals, my country has clearly established a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, controlled the total amount of fossil energy, focused on improving utilization efficiency, and implemented renewable energy substitution actions. Deepen the reform o...
  • Solar energy in unconventional locations

      September 14, 2021 | Categories: Industry new

       As people's concerns about land use continue to increase, large-scale solar projects are increasingly being built in unconventional locations, such as landfills and reservoirs. Image Credit: NREL/Dennis Schroeder A study by Clemson University estimates that by 2040, the U.S. domestic use and export of energy production will increase by 27%. ...
  • Can Japan achieve international power transmission with the Asian continent (2)

      September 13, 2021 | Categories: Industry new

       Enlightenment of European International Grid to Asian International Grid In "International Transmission Grids and Northeast Asian Power Market", we introduced the basic situation of international transmission grids and East Asian international power market. Although the construction of international transmission grids in Asia is still in its infancy, Europ...
  • Sunshine New Energy: From kindergarten to university, photovoltaic school has started!

      September 01, 2021 | Categories: Industry new

       On September 1, the first day of school, schools across the country ushered in the fall season. Many "photovoltaic schools" developed and constructed by Sunshine New Energy across the country also ushered in the first lesson. From kindergarten to elementary school, from middle school to university...Sunshine New Energy has built a large number of photovo...
  • Photovoltaic empowers, 5,000 acres of farmland in Weining is full of vitality

      August 31, 2021 | Categories: Industry new

       Guizhou Jinyuan "Agriculture and Light Complementarity" Demonstration Dazzling Wumeng Text/Picture Liu Kunlun Edible fungus, white radish, vegetable sprouts... Under the photovoltaic panels of Weining Autonomous County, various vegetables are full of vitality. The "Agriculture and Photovoltaic Complementary" project jointly d...
  • Experts discuss "power system supports carbon peak and carbon neutral goal"

      August 25, 2021 | Categories: Industry new

       At the 2021 International Engineering Technology Development Strategy High-end Forum and the 6th Zijin International Conference on Electricity, which closed a few days ago, many experts and scholars exchanged the latest research results in the fields of new power systems, energy Internet, and power markets. Energy and power technology innovation, and promote...
  • Go up and up! The three major links of photovoltaics announced price increases at the same time today

      August 19, 2021 | Categories: Industry new

       Recently, many distributors have reported to us that the prices of photovoltaic modules, inverters, and brackets have risen to varying degrees, the supply has tightened, and the order cycle has been longer than before. According to the situation learned by Sobi Photovoltaic Network, silicon materials will continue to be in a tight balance in the second half...
  • National Energy Administration 2021 East Asia Summit Clean Energy Forum Project Project Bidding Announcement

      August 16, 2021 | Categories: Industry new

       In accordance with the needs of energy international cooperation research work, and in accordance with the relevant regulations of the National Energy Administration, the relevant matters concerning the bidding for the project of the Clean Energy Forum of the 2021 East Asia Summit of the National Energy Administration are hereby announced as follows: 1. Bi...
  • Africa's solar energy industry accelerates development

      August 13, 2021 | Categories: Industry new

       Recent data released by the African Solar Energy Industry Association show that the African solar energy industry is ushering in a period of accelerated development. In the past two months alone, many African countries have announced a total of nearly 2 GW of large and medium-sized solar power plant projects, of which 18 countries are planning to construct s...
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